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For all your home or commercial inspection needs throughout the Chicagoland area, make the right choice with First Choice Inspectors.

With more than a decade of experience, our professional and certified team of inspectors has the knowledge and background to give your property a thorough, detailed review to check for any issues. From hidden foundation flaws to a weather-ravaged roof, we inspect every building from top to bottom to find any issues or ensure a detailed and comprehensive bill of health.

Our inspectors use thermography to find tricky or hard-to-find issues, helping you solve issues before they exist. The First Choice Inspectors team is also certified for mold inspection, and will look for any signs of invasive growth or any possible sources of contamination.

All clients receive a detailed report, generated with our Home Gauge reporting software, that clearly and concisely points out any trouble spots found during our review as well as recommended actions to take to help prevent or resolve any concerns.

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Home Inspection Reveals the Anatomy of a House

When you shop for a home, whether you are looking for a fixer-upper, new construction, or one in move-in condition, there are generally essential components that make up any structure.

Electrical System

An electrical system is part of the mechanical components of the structure. A home inspector is not required to report on Code violations, but he or she is required to conduct a thorough visual examination of the visible aspects of a home’s electrical system. This includes outlets, fixtures and circuit wiring.

Plumbing Inspections

A home inspector can only be responsible for the components that are visible. Much of your home’s plumbing system is hidden inside walls. But what is visible will offer clues to your home’s plumbing health. Galvanized pipe is often indicative of outdated material. Its corrosive qualities will cause it to fail before other materials. Copper piping is preferable, but there are many other rigid and semi-rigid synthetic materials that are long-lasting and affordable.

Structural Inspections

A structural inspection takes full inventory of those physical structures that literally hold a home together. When they fall into disrepair, whether to ravages of time, natural disasters, or faulty workmanship, they often cost big bucks to repair.