Roof Inspections

The biggies of a professional home inspection may most likely be the roof and the foundation of a house. These are both critical components of the complete structural part of the home’s inspection. Without a solid foundation, a structure might not survive the test of time and a defective roof simply means costly repairs and replacement.

Roofing Inspection

Whether you are a home buyer or seller, you may like to know the condition of the home’s roof. The roof element of the building inspection includes the exterior roof and features as well as the inside attic space.

A home inspector, no matter how experienced, is not required to climb up onto the roof. He or she may choose to do so when the conditions are safe and they can do so without damaging roofing materials. If they do not access the roof physically, they will visually inspect as many regions of the roof as they can from various vantage points and make detailed notes to that effect in their final report. A home inspector cannot be held responsible for something he was not able to see, so documenting his methods of observation is very important.

Types of roofing materials include wood, stone, metal, rubber and asphalt shingle. Each has a different lifespan. The home inspector will note type and visible condition of the various materials. Any defects are noted. Chimney flashing, vents, and drainage systems are observed for function and condition. Your home inspector may be able to roughly estimate the age of a roof, but this is not required. In the event he discovers defects, he may recommend a roofing specialist do a more in-depth evaluation of the roof.

Typical asphalt shingles—one of the most popular roofing materials—vary in lifespan depending on a number of variables. Environmental factors matter significantly.

The Cost of Repairing or Replacing a Roof

Roof repairs and replacements are some of the more costly. Many homeowners and home buyers want to know right away what the costs are going to be. However, only a qualified roofing specialist can give accurate estimates on the cost of roof repairs. A roof is dependent on many factors and all figure into an estimate. A home inspector may be able to recommend a roofing specialist.

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