New Home Inspections

New Home or Old Home—You Need an Inspection

Many homebuyers have notions that just because they are buying a new home, that they can bypass the home inspection phase of the process. Not so fast. A new home is just as likely to have defects as an older home, either structurally or mechanically.

New Home Inspections—Buyer Beware

So the materials are new, the structure is new, the paint is fresh, the heating and cooling system is high-quality, and you’ve been told the shingles on the roof should last nearly 20 years. Ever heard the old adage, “Paint makes it what it ain’t”? In many cases the polished, fresh veneer of a new home can be misleading. The true function and quality of structural and mechanical components fall by the wayside.

New home buyers are advised to absolutely seek the services of an independent home inspector before they sign papers on a new home. The media has been harsh in the last few years in exposing poorly engineered home sites, and downright bad new home construction; underscoring the fact that the construction industry occasionally makes mistakes, takes shortcuts, and sometimes a new home can become a costly lesson in repairs and construction short-cuts.

Potential Problems in a New Home

A professional, independent home inspector will conduct the same thorough home inspection for a new home as he would for any other home. The structural components, such as joists, rafters, beams, and any exposed supports are examined for integrity. The attic space should show no signs of water penetration and all structural components should be without defect.

Other items he will examine include exterior components such as windows, frames, and doors. The automatic garage door mechanism will be checked for its safety features.

The HVAC system will be subjected to a complete visual examination that may include running the system and checking for proper levels of heating and cooling. Duct work will be observed and heat and cooling sources are checked in every room.

Services for plumbing and electrical inspections. The new plumbing system and electrical system – key mechanical components— will be inspected.

What about a new home that already holds water in the basement?

Major structural defects such as sloping or sagging floors, off-square doorways and sticking windows are unusual, but can happen, nevertheless. When a professional inspector finds clues that may indicate a more serious problem, he or she may recommend a specialist to conduct a more in-depth evaluation.

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