Radon & Lead Inspection

Radon and Lead

Residential Home Inspection Environmental Concerns

Radon is an odorless, tasteless naturally occurring gas. Its radioactive properties are a health hazard. Radon gas, over time, can cause cancer.

Radon exists in the natural environment in many areas of the country. Some geologic regions produce more of the gas making radon testing almost a necessity.

Radon and Home Inspections

Radon has become a priority topic in the real estate and home inspection industry. Home buyers have a right to know and to be educated about the hazards of radon and the likelihood of its occurrence in their home. Radon can be hazardous to a home’s indoor air quality.

Recently the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) published a radon home inspection guide. The publication is a tool to help home inspectors educate customer about the facts associated to this very controversial subject. The checklist allows a professional home inspector to include elements of a radon inspection in order to decide if radon testing by a licensed specialist is recommended.

In Illinois, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency maintains in-depth radon information for both professionals and the public.

Reducing Radon

When an unacceptable level of radon is discovered in a home a specialist in radon mitigation is recommended. A mitigation specialist performs services that reduce the amount of radon in the air as much as is possible. In some instances radon can be reduced to extremely low levels.

Some new homes are even being constructed to include radon barriers.

Lead-Based Paint

During a home inspection, the inspector is examining all systems and components of the home during the lead testing. While he or she is inspecting the interior structure, he looks at painted surfaces, especially in older homes, to check for signs of peeling or chipping paint. Old, chipping paint could contain lead. While lead-based paint products are not used anymore there remain many structures that contain the substances.

Like asbestos, the lead material in old paint only becomes a health hazard once it is disturbed. It can affect your family’s health in a couple of ways. Children are prone to picking up pieces of old paint chips and putting them in their mouths, ingesting lead where it exists. Over time this leads to serious health complications.

Also many home renovators who are stripping or sanding walls are at risk for inhaling airborne lead particles. Even the chipping and “chalking” of old lead-based paint and release airborne lead particles. For this reason, many home inspectors may advise a homeowner to seek a professional renovation company if they are planning removing old paint.

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