Home Inspection Services

First Choice Inspectors is available for a wide range of commercial and residential inspection needs in Chicago.

No matter the property, we have the right inspection services to help you identify and solve any possible or suspected concerns you may have, or just verify that your home or building has a clean bill of health. Our inspectors have been trained and certified to check for a variety of issues, from structural to mechanical, and environmental concerns.

Our inspectors can verify the structure itself is sound and perform a thorough check of all mechanical systems, including water and electrical service and HVAC systems. Our inspectors also check top and bottom – foundation and roofing – and verify each are in good condition. Radon and lead, asbestos and mold and mildew inspection services are also available.

See sample inspection reports.

New or foreclosed property? The First Choice Inspectors team can do a complete review of your home or business and verify everything is in good condition before you move in. We also can perform an energy audit of your home or commercial building and identify areas for improvement or issues that can improve your energy use.

For more information on each inspection type, select from the menu above, or contact us today at 773-429-9711 or by email at info@firstchoiceinspectors.com.

Our home inspection services include:

New home inspections
Foreclosure inspections
Roof inspections
Structural inspections
Mechanical inspections
Foundation inspections
Energy Audits
Asbestos inspections
Mold & mildew inspections
Radon & lead inspections

Sample inspection reports

View sample inspection reports.