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FLIR BCAM Infrared Camera Inspections

HouseSmarts “LED Challenge” Episode 79

Lou Manfredini with Justin Castronova from First Choice Inspectors, LLC


Don’t just take our word for the quality of our home and commercial inspection services. These additional resources will provide you with more information and peace of mind.

The Chicago Tribune consulted with our professional team on what the features to look for in selecting a home inspection service. We pride ourselves on the high quality and value of our services, as did the Tribune in referring to our high level of professionalism and expertise for its article.

We also participated in an LED Challenge video with House Smarts to highlight the savings and value of replacing your home’s lighting with new, LED light bulbs to save on energy expenses. Comparing previous years’ bills with on-site meter readings, we were able to see a significant savings on annual electricity expense.

We also highlight the abilities of our inspection services to find hidden issues with an FLIR BCAM infrared camera. This technology allows us to find problems that may exist behind a wall or beneath a surface that would otherwise require a more invasive, destructive means of testing. We use this tech in our inspections, adding additional levels of depth to our inspection reporting.

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