Lemont, IL Home Inspection

Before you purchase a home or before you make an investment in a remodeling project, it is important to know all the details. A home or property is the biggest investment you can make, and knowing any damages or potential issues will help to avoid expenses or hazards later on. First Choice Inspectors offers a range of inspection services for properties in Lemont, Illinois and surrounding areas of Chicago, giving our customers a comprehensive and accurate picture of any property.

Certified home inspectors are trained to look at every area of the home and detect specific details that often indicate hidden damages. We are also trained to use advanced equipment, like thermography, radon testing and asbestos testing tools, to find harmful substances that could be a concern now or in the future.

From the foundation of the property to the windows, doors, walls and roof, we will inspect every area of a home or business to give you a complete look at its overall health. While it may not be clear at first glance or during a walkthrough if a crack in a wall is a surface imperfection or the hallmark of a sliding foundation, our inspection will. Once we have conducted a full structural, chemical or mechanical inspection, we will deliver our findings to you in a detailed report, complete with full color photos and careful notations, giving you a reliable record of all areas of concern. Once the inspection has been completed, you can use this information to evaluate your purchase offer, plan for any future fixes at the property, or even renegotiate or withdraw your buying plans.

Our certified home inspectors serving Lemont, Illinois are happy to provide you with more information. Contact First Choice Inspectors today at 773-429-9711 or by email at info@firstchoiceinspectors.com to learn more or make an appointment.