Naperville, IL Home Inspection Services

Before moving into a new home or before making a purchase, many homeowners order a home inspection to show where remodeling or repairs may be required. A home inspection can also reveal potentially harmful problems, such as asbestos or lead or serious unseen damages, like an unsteady foundation. First Choice Inspectors provide a full range of inspection services in Naperville, Illinois and the surrounding suburbs of Chicago to uncover any problems with the property. Our certified home inspectors will carefully examine every area of the home and provide you with a detailed report highlighting all areas of concern identifying during your home or commercial property inspection.

First Choice Inspectors provide a wide range of inspection services. Structural inspections are among the most common, and include an assessment of the condition of structural elements throughout the home. These damages may be serious, such as a crack in a load-bearing wall or a slipping foundation. A structural inspection may also reveal other smaller problems, such as outside light fixtures that are improperly sealed, damages around windows that could be causing drafts, cracked siding that is allowing insects to nest, or other issues.

Our certified home inspectors in Naperville also conduct inspections to test for potentially harmful substances on the property, such as mold, mildew, lead, radon or asbestos. Inspecting your home or business property for the presence of these elements is especially important as the presence of radon, lead and asbestos are almost impossible to detect at a glance. Mold and mildew may be wiped away, leaving no visible trace, but a certified home inspector can help find evidence of hidden moisture problems or mold growth, identifying ongoing concerns and allowing you to address the problems before mold colonies can form again.

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