Plainfield, IL Home Inspection

While every home seller wants their property to look its best when it’s on the market, many of the common techniques used by sellers simply cover expensive problems and distract buyers from the truth of underlying issues. When you schedule a certified home inspection with First Choice Inspectors, an unbiased, experienced home inspector will examine the property you’re looking at buying in Plainfield, Illinois and give you a detailed inspection report that shows all the problems our experts may uncover. Our professional home inspection service can help you make a more informed decision and show you any part of the property that may be a problem – now or in the future.

When you are excited about buying a home or you have your heart set on a particular property, it can be difficult to see the problems. However, it’s always best to be thorough, and hiring a certified home inspector can help you find issues you may not have seen, helping you avoid making a costly mistake.

For example, if a home is affected by radon, asbestos, lead, mold or mildew, it is difficult or even impossible to see with just a walkthrough. A professional home inspector can uncover these problems, however, using thermography and chemical testing methods. We can find areas where these chemicals or substances are a problem, allowing you to know if a home has hidden issues that could pose a hazard to your health. Our experts can also help identify the extent of a problem, helping you to determine whether the issue is minor and easily resolved or a major concern, like pipes leeching lead into your water supply. Our structural inspection services in Plainfield, Illinois will also assess the integrity of the building as a whole, looking for problems with the foundation or roof as well as possible concerns with more minor defects, like doors or windows that should be re-sealed.

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