Home Inspection Videos

At First Choice Inspectors, we’ve proudly served the greater Chicagoland region for more than a decade, and have seen countless issues with home inspections. If you’re considering buying a home, let our team take a look first.

Having a property inspected prior to closing a sale can help to identify any hidden issues or problems with construction that could be invisible to the untrained eye. Our comprehensive home inspections and mold testing look at homes from top to bottom, looking for signs of electrical problems, water leaks, ventilation problems, mold or mildew growth and much more.

We also offer specialty inspection services for homes in the Chicago area. This includes roof inspections, looking for signs of wear and damage that could require expensive repairs after purchase. Our team can also perform radon and lead testing, looking for harmful elements that could be inside the home and pose a health risk to you, your family and your children. We also can inspect a prospective property for the presence of asbestos – a known carcinogen that was commonly used in tiling, insulation and many other building materials in previous decades.

Many homeowners and prospective owners are also concerned today with energy efficiency, and our team can perform a home energy audit to assess how energy efficient a home is. This includes using thermal imaging to identify any potential areas of heat loss or drafts, as well as inspecting heating and cooling appliances, water heaters and other home systems to determine overall energy use.

Take a look at the videos below and learn more about our full range of home inspection and mold testing services for homes in greater Chicagoland. For more information or to schedule an inspection, click here or give First Choice Inspectors a call today at 773-429-9711.