What Happens When You Have Cracks in the Foundation?

Cracks and defects in a home’s foundation can be a real problem for your home and your health and safety. Cracks in concrete or stone foundation could mean they’re just normal environmental stresses. It’s important to get a foundation inspection done to determine if the cracks and defects are serious foundation defects.

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Serious Foundation Problems

There are certain types of cracks in the foundation that can cause serious problems to your home. Costly repairs can occur, which leaves homeowners with multiple headaches they have to deal with.

Vertical Cracks are usually the sign of your house settling. These are very common within many foundations of homes. These cracks can be sealed and are usually not too expensive.

Diagonal Cracks can be found along the foundation or basement wall. Usually they are thin cracks, but one end is often large than the other. These cracks are signs of settling in the home’s foundation, but the settling is the result of uneven tension. The cost might be a little more expensive, but the solutions are simple.

Horizontal Cracks are the most serious cracks in a home’s foundation. If the home has a foundation of concrete block or brick, it’s very common to see. This cracking is going to be the most expensive repair to get done, but it’s essential to your foundation’s integrity to get it repaired right away.

What Can Cracks in the Foundation Cause?

Cracks in basement floors can cause radon to seep into the home, which can be extremely dangerous to you and your family’s health. Cracks can also be another way water gets into the home, which can cause mold and mildew to build up in the home, as well as wet basements.

It is extremely important to get a foundation inspection done by First Choice Inspectors if you want to attack the problem with cracks in your home’s foundation.

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